-> OSQ Project 2002 Retreat
On Tuesday, May 21 2002 the second annual OSQ retreat was held in Santa Cruz. Photographs of (some of) the participants are available. Special thanks to Mark Wegman.


Jeff Foster (jfoster@cs) Cqual: A Tool For Adding Type Qualifiers To C
Tachio Terauchi (tachio@eecs) Refining Abstract Locations
Rupak Majumdar (rupak@eecs) Software Verification with Blast
Arindam Chakrabarti (arindam@cs) Interface Compatibility Checking for Software Modules
Ben Liblit (liblit@cs) Building a Better Backtrace: Techniques for Postmortem Program Analysis
Hao Chen (hchen@cs) setuid Demystified
Scott Mcpeak (smcpeak@cs) Data Modeling for Program Analysis
Sumit Gulwani (gulwani@cs) Program Analysis using Randomization
Marco Sanvido (msanvido@eecs) Testing Embedded Control Systems combining
Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation and Temporal Logic
Christoph Kirsch (cm@ic.eecs) The Embedded Machine: Predictable, Portable Real-Time Code
Wes Weimer (weimer@cs) CCured: Taming C Pointers

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