-> Spring '01 Retreat
On May 9 and 10 the OSQ project held a retreat in Santa Cruz with partners from industry and academia. Presentations:

Ranjit Jhala Lazy Abstraction
Luca De Alfaro Types for Behaviors
Marius Minea Hierarchical Modeling and Verification for Embedded Systems
Jeff Foster Programmer-Specified Aliasing
Umesh Shankar Percent-S: A Tool for Automated Detection of Format String Bugs
John Kodumal BANE II: A Specialization Approach to Mixed Constraint Program Analysis
David Gay Language Support for Regions
Zhendong Su Simplifying Conditional Equality Constraints
Sumit Gulwani Translation Validation: Combining Randomization with Program Analysis
Westley Weimer Run-Time Type Checking (ppt)
Necula, Aiken, Henzinger Faculty Vision

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