-> OSQ Project 2004 Retreat
On Thursday, May 13 the fourth annual OSQ retreat was held in Santa Cruz.

(Some of the) Presentations:

Dave Mandelin Mining Jungloids to Cure Programmer Headaches
Wes Weimer Finding and Preventing Run-Time Error Handling Mistakes
Hao Chen Model Checking Millions of Lines of C Code
Arindam Chakrabarti Quantitative Verification
Evan Chang Extensible Verification of Untrusted Code

(Some of the) "Five-Minute Madness" and Poster Presentations:

Manu Sridharan Java Alias Analysis for Online Environments
Adam Chlipala An untrusted verifier for Typed Assembly Language
Matt Harren Strength Through Typing: A more powerful dependently-typed assembly language
Wes Weimer "Specification Mining" Explained Via A Research Web Page
Jeremy Condit Semi-Cooperative Threads (madness)
Semi-Cooperative Threads (poster)
Sumit Gulwani Inter-procedural analysis using Random Interpretation (madness)
Combining Abstract Interpreters (poster)
Evan Chang Coolaid: Debugging Compilers with Verification (madness)
Coolaid: Debugging Compilers with Verification in the Classroom (poster)

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