Past Meetings

Meetings Summer '13:
●Tue,  Jun 4 Presentation by Philip on hinted garbage collection
●Tue,  Jun 11 No meeting
●Tue,  Jun 18 Report on ICSE 2013
●Tue,  Jun 25 Presentation by Cuong on assisting scientific programmers
●Tue,  Jul 2 Presentation by Joel on sharing research tools online
●Tue,  Jul 9 Presentation by Shaon and Sarah on formalizing browser record and replay
●Tue,  Jul 16 Discussion on teaching kids to program
●Tue,  Jul 23 Discussion on technology and education
●Tue,  Jul 30
●Tue,  Aug 6 Discussion on how to improve the spread of research
●Tue,  Aug 13 Presentation by Leo
●Tue,  Aug 20 Discussion on Bret Victor's The Future of Programming
●Tue,  Aug 27 Ask practice questions for the prelim exam
●Fri,  Sep 6 Presentation by Andres on Integrating Pipelines and Split-joins into Fine-Grained Partitioning Programming Model

Meetings Spring '13:
●Tue,  Jan 22 Presentation on IPython
●Tue,  Jan 29 BiD seminar: Evan Savage on Experiencing Data Ownership
●Tue,  Feb 5 Presentation by Ben Livshits: Towards Fully Automatic Placement of Security Sanitizers and Declassifiers
●Tue,  Feb 12 Presentation by Jan Vitek on Planet Dynamic or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Reflection
●Tue,  Feb 19 End-user programming hands-on
●Tue,  Feb 26 Discussion on programming without a mouse and keyboard
●Tue,  Mar 5 Discussion of behavioral programming
●Tue,  Mar 12 Presentations by Mangpo and Joel
●Tue,  Mar 19 Brainstorming
●Tue,  Mar 26 Spring Break
●Tue,  Apr 2 Reports on ASPLOS and ETAPS
●Tue,  Apr 9 Presentation by Greg Bronevetsky on a framework for symbolic analysis
●Tue,  Apr 16 Presentation by Martin Schäf on detecting code inconsistencies
●Tue,  Apr 23 Presentation by Ben Hindman on libprocess and its use in industry
●Tue,  Apr 30 Panel discussion of startups
●Tue,  May 7 Presentation by Rohit and Nishant on crowdsourcing verification
●Tue,  May 14 Presentation by Stefan Hanenberg on empirical evaluation of programming language theory

Meetings Fall '12:
●Wed,  Sep 5 Presentation by Mangpo and a discussion of internships
●Wed,  Sep 12 Presentation by Philip on tolerating use-after-free bugs and by Joel and Philip on PL in practice
●Wed,  Sep 19 Presentation by Derrick on education technology
●Wed,  Sep 26 Three minute madness: everyone presents their work
●Wed,  Oct 3 Presentation by Wontae on Android GUI testing
●Wed,  Oct 10 Teach a feature: discussion of various underrated language features
●Wed,  Oct 17 Presentation by Michael on PyGAS
●Wed,  Oct 24 Presentation by Joel on algorithms for synthesis
●Wed,  Oct 31 Presentation by Michael Pradel
●Wed,  Nov 7 Presentation by Jacob
●Wed,  Nov 14 Discussion of the PL prelim
●Wed,  Nov 21 Talk in 306 Soda at 12 followed by lunch and discussion in 551 Soda at 1
●Wed,  Nov 28 Presentation by Beth Trushkowsky
●Wed,  Dec 5 Presentation by Manu Sridharan on Effective Race Detection for Event-Driven Programs
●Wed,  Dec 12 Presentation by Dave Herman on asm.js: A High-Performance Subset of JavaScript

Meetings Summer '12:
●Mon,  June 4 Presentation by Philip Guo on the Online Python Tutor
Mon,  June 11
Presentation by Zach Anderson
Mon,  June 18
Presentation by Joel
Mon,  June 25
Discussion about mobile computing challenges
Mon,  July 2
Discussion about techniques for use in developing regions
Mon,  July 9
Cancelled for POPL submissions and CAV
Mon,  July 16
Discussion of verifying compilers (e.g., ESC/Java and VCC)
Mon,  July 23
Discussion of interactive analyses (e.g., this paper)
Mon,  July 30
Planning of future meetings
Mon,  August 6
Presentation by Shaon
Mon,  August 13
Tutorial on PLT Redex
Mon,  August 20
Presentations by Matt and Eric
Mon,  August 27
New grad welcome and presentation by Leo on sociology statistics

Meetings Spring '12:
●Wed,  Jan 25 Discussion of the future of PL
Wed,  Feb 1
Discussion of end-user programming (Sikuli and Sloppy Programming)
Wed,  Feb 8
Discussion of large-scale symbolic execution and survey of programming language choices (Cloud9 and Symbolic Execution in Practice)
Wed,  Feb 15
Seminar on the Opa language
Wed,  Feb 22
Discussion of gradual typing (Hybrid Type Checking and Gradual Typing for Functional Languages)
Wed,  Feb 29
Discussion of using PL techniques for education
Wed,  Mar 7
Discussion of design processes for human-centric programming languages and tools
Wed,  Mar 14
Discussion of biology synthesis
Wed,  Mar 21
Presentation by Shoaib Kamil on SEJITS
Wed,  Mar 28
Spring Break
Wed,  Apr 4
Presentation by Nick Jalbert about Captricity
Wed,  Apr 11
Presentation by Milind Kulkarni
Wed,  Apr 18
Presentation by Philippe Suter
Wed,  Apr 25
Presentation by Rohit Sinha on verifying hypervisors
Wed,  May 2
Presentation by Cindy Rubio-González on Finding Error-Handling Bugs in Systems Software Using Static Analysis
Wed,  May 9
Presentation by Wonchan Lee on Termination Analysis with Algorithmic Learning
Wed,  May 16
Practice for the retreat

Meetings Fall '11:
●Thu,  Oct 13 Introductions and overviews of individual research
Thu,  Oct 20
Derrick (build systems and debugging SEJITS) and Jacob (inferring expected program complexity)
Thu,  Oct 27
Joel (programming with concrete state) and Philip (GPU garbage collection)
Thu,  Nov 3
Cancelled for PLDI
Thu,  Nov 10
Leo (sociological principles for PL) and Nicholas (monad transformers and Sketch)
Thu,  Nov 17
Richard (SEJITS debugging with traces) and Tayfun (verifying programs that use TM with relaxed conflicts)
Thu,  Nov 24
Thu,  Dec 1
Shaon and Ali
Thu,  Dec 8
Patrick Lam (views for controlling concurrency)
Thu,  Dec 15
Leo (clustered data parallelism) and Matko Botincan (proof-based parallelization)

Meetings Spring '11:
●Mon,  Feb 14 Presentation by Mayur Naik.
Mon,  Feb 28
PL club: Spark and Bloom
Mon,  Mar 7
Presentation by Domagoj Babic
Mon,  Mar 14
Visit day special (12-1, 551 Soda)
Mon,  Mar 21
Spring Break
Mon,  Apr 4
PL club: BYOB
Mon,  Apr 11
Presentation by Saurabh Srivastava
Mon,  Apr 25
Discussion of the PL prelim
Mon,  May 4
Further discussion of the PL prelim
Mon,  May 9
PL club: Jonathan Bachrach

Meetings Fall '10:
●Tue,  Sep 7 Discussion of future meetings and presentation by Joel
●Tue,  Sep 21 Presentation by Percy
Tue,  Oct 5
Presentations by Nicholas and Thibaud
Tue,  Oct 19
Presentations by Jacob and Shaon
Tue,  Nov 9
Presentation by George
Tue,  Nov 16
Discussion about open-sourcing research projects
Tue,  Nov 30
Presentations by Ben and Joel
Tue,  Dec 14
Presentations by Derrick and Tayfun

Meetings Spring '10:
●Tue,  Jan 26 Presentation by Don Syme
Tue,  Feb 9
Discussion of the PL prelim
Tue,  Feb 23
Presentation by Mayur Naik
Tue,  Mar 9
Presentation by Percy
Tue,  Mar 23
Spring Break
Tue,  Apr 6
Presentations by Susmit and Jacob
Tue,  Apr 20
Presentations by Leo and Pallavi
Tue,  May 4
Presentations by Gilad and Bjorn Hartmann

Meetings Fall '09:
●Tue,  Sep 15 First meeting of the semester
Tue,  Sep 29
Presentation by Wes Weimer
Tue,  Oct 13
Presentations by Seth and George
Tue,  Oct 27
Presentations by Nick and Joel
Tue,  Nov 10
Presentations by Chang-Seo and Mayur Naik
Tue,  Nov 24
Presentation by Susmit
Tue,  Dec 8
Presentations by Raluca and Pallavi

Meetings Spring '08:
●Tue,  Jan 22 First meeting of the semester
Tue,  Jan 29
Presentation by Bill McCloskey
Tue,  Feb 5
Presentation by AJ Shankar
Tue,  Feb 12
Presentation by Evan Chang
Tue,  Feb 19
Presentation by Armando Solar-Lezama
Tue,  Feb 26
Presentation by Yamini Kannan
Tue,  Mar 4
Presentation by Lexin Shan
Tue,  Mar 11
Presentation by Mayur Naik
Mon,  Mar 17
Grad Student visit day (Notice this is a monday).
Tue, Mar 25
Spring Break
Tue, Apr 1
Presentation by Chris Jones
Tue, Apr 8
Tue, Apr 15
Presentation by AJ Shankar
Tue, Apr 22 Presentation by Apollo Ellis
Tue, Apr 29 Presentation by Leo Meyerovich
Tue, May 6 Presentation by Raluca Sauciuc
Tue, May 13 Presentation by Zach Anderson

Meetings Fall '07:
Fri,  Aug 31 First meeting of the semester
Presentation on Trend Prof by Simon Goldsmith.
Fri,  Sep 7
Presentation by Chris Jones
Fri,  Sep 14
Presentation by Leo Meyerovich
Fri,  Sep 21
Presentation by Manu Sridharan
Fri,  Sep 28
Presentation by Armando Solar-Lezama
Fri,  Oct 5
Presentation by Jimmy Su
Fri,  Oct 12
Presentation by Evan Chang
Fri,  Oct 19
Presentation by Zach Anderson
Fri, Oct 26
Fri, Nov 2
Presentation by Raluca Sauciuc
Fri, Nov 9
Presentation by Pallavi Joshi
Fri, Nov 16
Presentation by Christos Stergiou
Fri, Nov 30
Presentation by Gilad Arnold
Fri, Dec 7 Presentation by Apollo Ellis
Fri, Dec 14 Poster session for CS294. in the 6th floor hallway.

Meetings Spring '07:
Fri,  Jan 19 First meeting of the semester.
Fri,  Jan 26
Presentation on program analysis for dynamic languages by Bill McCloskey
Fri,  Feb 2
Moved to
373 Soda

Presentation by Manu Sridharan
Thin Slicing
Fri,  Feb 9
Group discussion
Fri,  Feb 16
Group discussion
Fri,  Feb 23
Presentation by Jeremy Condit
Deputy: Dependent Types for Safe Systems Software
Fri, March 2
Discussion lead by  Matthew Tschantz  
Techniques for code reuse in object oriented systems (inheritance, composition, traits, and mixins)
Fri, March 9
Presentation by  Adam Chlipala
A statically-typed language for unified UNIX system configuration
Mon, March 12
Special OSQ lunch with prospective students with short talks by:
  1. Kathy Yelick
  2. Ras Bodik
  3. George Necula
  4. Koushik Sen
  5. Sanjit Seshia
  6. Jeremy Condit
  7. James Demmel
  8. Armando & Gilad
  9. Adam Chlipala
  10. Dave & Liviu
  11. Amir Kamil
  12. Manu Sridharan
Fri, March 16
Presentation by Dan Wilkerson
Progress Report on using Oink to Perform a Garbage Collection Safety Analysis of The FireFoxjava_script Engine, SpiderMonkey
Fri, March 23
Presentation by Evan Chang
Fri, March 30
No meeting (Spring Break)
Fri, April 6
Presentation by  Xavier Rival
Fri, April 13 Presentation by Armando Solar-Lezama
Fri, April 20 Presentation by Matt Harren
Fri, April 27

Presentation by  Gilad Arnold
Fri, May 4
Presentation by AJ Shankar

Meetings Fall '06: 
Thurs, Aug 31 First meeting of the semester.
Thurs, Sept 7 Adam Chlipala Modular Development of Certified Program Verifiers with a Proof Assistant. (ICFP '06)
Thurs, Sept 14 Arindam Chakrabarti Software Partitioning for Effective Automated Unit Testing. (EMSOFT '06)
Thurs, Sept 21 Zachary Anderson A concolic testing tool for C.
Thurs, Sept 28 Matthew Tschantz Javari: Java with reference immutability.
Thurs, Oct 5 Armando Solar-Lezama Sketching for Structured Grid Computations.
Thurs, Oct 12 Daniel Kröning, ETH Zurich Model Checking C++ Programs that use the STL. [abstract]
Thurs, Oct 19 AJ Shankar Transparent Incrementalization of Data Structure Invariants.
Thurs, Oct 26 Emery Berger, UMass Exploiting Multiple Cores Now: Scalability and Reliability for Off-the-shelf Software. [abstract]
Thurs, Nov 2 Feng Zhou SafeDrive - Safe and Recoverable Extensions Using Language-Based Techniques (OSDI '06).
Thurs, Nov 9 Bill McCloskey Real-Time Garbage Collection for Java.
Thurs, Nov 16 Liviu Tancau JavaSketch
Thurs, Nov 23 No meeting  (Thanksgiving).
Thurs, Nov 30 Daniel Wilkerson,
Taras Glek,
Igor Bukanov,
Tim Riley, and
Brendan Eich (Mozilla)
The Oink Open-Analysis Framework in Action at Mozilla
Thurs, Dec 7 Marta Kwiatkowska,
University of Birmingham
PRISM - Probabilistic Symbolic Model Checking. [abstract]
Thurs, Dec 14 Jim Whitehead, UCSC Predicting Bugs by Analyzing Software History. [abstract]


Meetings Spring '06:
Wed, Jan 18 Bill McCloskey Scripting languages and dynamic typing.
Wed, Jan 25 Manu Sridharan Refinement-Based Context-Sensitive Points-To Analysis for Java.
Wed, Feb 1 Yuanyuan Zhou, UIUC ARTS: Available, Robust and Trusted Software.
Wed, Feb 8 Dan Wilkerson Elsa/Oink/Cqual++. (CodeCon '06)
Wed, Feb 15 Greg Bronevetsky, Cornell. Application-level checkpointing for multi-threaded programs. [abstract]
Wed, Feb 22 David Bacon, IBM Eventrons: A Safe Programming Construct for High-Frequency Hard Real-Time Applications.
Wed, Mar 1    
Wed, Mar 8 Evan and Jeremy Model checking for heaps, and bounds checking for C.
Thurs, Mar 16

   11:00 -12:30

   in  320 Soda

Tom Reps

WYSINWYX: What You See Is Not What You eXecute
Wed, Mar 22    
Wed, Mar 29 (No meeting) Spring break
Wed, Apr 5 Simon Goldsmith Trend Profiling: Empirical Computational Complexity
Wed, Apr 12 David Monniaux The ASTRÉE Static Analyzer
Wed, Apr 19 Adam Chlipala The Ultimate Web Programming Language.
Wed, Apr 26    
Wed, May 3 Marat Boshernitsan Dissertation talk
Wed - Fri,

     May 10 - 12

The Sixth Annual OSQ Retreat


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The fifth annual OSQ retreat will be held in Santa Cruz on May 12-13, 2005. The bus will leave Soda Wednesday afternoon and return Friday afternoon. Details TBD. See you there!

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